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Collections Research

The Museum does not have the resources to answer remote inquiries or assist individuals and organizations who wish to conduct general research into the Venango-area / Oil Region history. Private access to our collections is currently closed.

We will update this policy when we have the resources to respond to research inquiries. 

Collections Acquisitions

The Museum is thankful for the many donations to its collection we have received over time; however, we cannot accept unsolicited donations by mail or in person, nor can we pass them on to another institution. Materials sent unsolicited will be considered abandoned, and the Museum reserves the right to dispose of such property as it sees fit.

If you have objects that you believe would compliment our collections, please send a description (including the size, content, condition, historical significance, etc.) as well as photographs or scans of the objects to (

Please note that at the present time, the Museum is only able to accept donations. We are unable to purchase items. 

Acquisition Guidelines

Item(s) must be consistent and relevant to the stated purpose, scope, and activities of the Museum. The Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits artifacts and related materials relevant to the interests of Venango County residents and visitors. 

The Museum's ability to provide proper care and storage for any object will be the primary deciding factor in accepting donations to the collections. No item(s) will be considered for acquisition if future care and preservation needs exceed the Museum's resources. 

All acquisitions are to be outright and unconditional. The Museum cannot guarantee that objects donated will be placed on exhibition or that they will be exhibited or stored intact as a single collection. In addition, please be aware that curatorial decisions may result in objects being deemed disposed of in a manner that the Museum sees fit or for the item(s) to be offered for sale to benefit the Museum. Donors must have a clear title and/or literary rights to the donation(s) and understand that the item(s) may be reproduced and sold to benefit the Museum and/or loaned.

A 30-day examination period may be requested for any proposed acquisition.

All donations to the Museum's collections are irrevocable upon the formal and physical transfer to the Museum. 

The Museum cannot provide identification services or appraisal values for donated items. Donors are responsible for appraisals of value. 

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