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Exhibit Information...

Black Gold or Black Magic  is the story of how the discovery of oil still affects our lives today.  You will wonder through 10 thematic areas and answer the question was the discovery of Oil Black Gold or Black Magic.

This artifact-dense exhibit area opens up to reveal wondrous examples of the change oil has wrought in the way we live, work and play. Visitors may meander freely amount the exhibit clusters, discovering multiple conceptual connections between them.

We have a 1928 Wurlitzer Theater Organ which has been restored and you will be able to hear the beautiful music that it makes.

You will not want to miss our historic 1937 Cord Automobile in Asphalt Nation. In our changing exhibit area, please visit:

  • "A Century of Transportation" which includes electric and wind up MARK trains.

  • A copy of a Pithole train ticket, PA Railroad J1a:2-10-4

  • Freight train cars at 1/48th scale, G-scale Passenger Trains (Garden Trains).

  • A beautiful photograph of one of the last trains to cross the Belmar Bridge on loan from the Venango County Historical Society.

  • An HO scale model depicting the OC&T railroad

  • A model of a one horse shay

  • Model of a two masted Sloop

  • Soap Box derby car and trophy

  • 1830s tenders and carriages

  • Stern Wheel Paddle Boat model and airplane models and pictures.

This exhibit will be on display until November 15, 2014 when we will have our Annual Christmas display with Christmas Trees and Display cases filled by members of our community and service organization.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014.